New Haven County Workers' Compensation Attorneys

When your work leads to injuries or occupational illness, there are systems in place to help you make ends meet while you are unable to work. What happens, however, if those systems fail to work for you? We here at Farver & Heffernan have years of experience helping injured workers get the benefits they deserve. We have assisted clients through the local district hearing process and on to the appeals before the Compensation Review Board (C.R.B.) and before the Appellate Court.

New Haven County Area Lawyers Who Know The Heart And Hypertension Act

For many years Farver & Heffernan have represented first responders suffering from heart ailments. The Connecticut Heart and Hypertension Act authorizes police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians to claim benefits when they develop heart disease or hypertension after starting employment. If you are in this category, you do not have to prove that the job caused your condition.

Do Not Wait Until Your Condition Worsens To Call A Lawyer

If you think that you have a claim for workers' compensation benefits or benefits under Connecticut's Heart and Hypertension Act, you should contact an attorney. You have a time limit to file your claim, and it is important that you meet all deadlines. We here at Farver & Heffernan have spent years getting benefits for sick and injured workers like you. Call us at 800-406-8914 to schedule an appointment.