New Haven County Family Law Attorneys

Getting through a divorce can be emotionally and financially draining. We here at Farver & Heffernan know how stressful this process can be on you, which is why we will work hard on your behalf to make it as easy as possible.

We handle all aspects of divorce, including:

Knowledgeable New Haven County Area Child Custody Lawyers Protecting Parents And Children

Most family law judges will try to maintain consistency in the child's life and may award primary physical custody to whoever is your child's primary caregiver. We will provide you with thorough, effective representation and work hard to guard your parenting time.

Do Not Go Through A Divorce Alone. Speak To An Attorney To Protect Your Interests.

People of all different economic backgrounds come into our office in Hamden, Connecticut, for help with their divorce because we know how to work within our clients’ means to get the best possible result. At Farver & Heffernan we offer Limited Scope Representation whereby you and the attorney agree in writing which aspects of your case the attorney will be handling and which aspects you will retain control over thereby minimizing legal fees.

Contact Farver & Heffernan to speak to a divorce lawyer in Hamden. We can handle all aspects of your divorce, including custody, child support and property division. If you need to go to trial, we will forcefully advocate on your behalf and work hard to protect your best interests. Call us at 800-406-8914 to schedule an appointment.