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Limited Scope Representation

Are you looking for an attorney to handle only a part of your divorce or custody case? Then Limited Scope Representation may be for you.

"Limited Scope Representation means that you and an attorney agree in writing that the attorney will do some of the work on your court case or other legal matter, and you will do the rest. You pay the attorney only for the parts you have agreed that the attorney will handle." 1 You and the attorney enter into a detailed written agreement defining the scope of the legal assistance including which tasks the attorney will be responsible for and which tasks you will be responsible for.

Limited Scope Representation provides the ability to "unbundle" services; you select only the legal services you need. Since the attorney’s involvement is limited, the legal fees are minimized. You maintain control of the case and the costs and fees involved while benefitting from the assistance of an attorney on those complex points of your case.

Examples of available services:

  • Legal advice;
  • Review of pleadings and other documents prepared by the client;
  • Drafting of pleadings, motions or other documents;
  • Investigation;
  • Legal research and analysis;
  • Evaluation of settlement options;
  • Preparation of discovery documents;
  • Preparation for depositions;
  • Planning for negotiations or court appearances;
  • Representing you in court but only for a specific event or proceeding.

Contact Farver & Heffernan at 800-406-8914 to discuss with a lawyer whether this service is appropriate in your case.

1 Hiring a Lawyer for Part of Your Legal Matter ("Limited Scope Representation"), JDP-CL-123, Published by the State of Connecticut, Judicial Branch

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